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Christine Kline - Hygienist - Young & Tanner General Dentistry in Marietta

Christine K.
Registered Dental Hygienist

Christine is a graduate of the Medical College of Georgia and has been working in dentistry since 1999. She’s been working off and on at Young and Tanner for over 15 years as a fill-in hygienist and was eventually offered a more permanent position. Christine says she loves all of the various aspects of being a dental hygienist because she enjoys developing relationships with patients, getting to know someone on a more personal level. Christine finds it rewarding when a patient incorporates what you instruct them to do into their daily routine, and she notices improvements when they come to the office for a recall visit. She says that improving someone’s oral health is ultimately linked to improving their health in general. After having excelled in science when she was younger, Christine says she was drawn to dental hygiene because she didn’t want to be a doctor but she still wanted to work in health sciences. Christine says she’s never worked at a more friendly and honest dental office. The doctors and staff at Young and Tanner really care about their patients and coworkers. When she’s not working, Christine is usually parenting and being a mom is her favorite title, by far. She enjoys CrossFit and T-Barre exercise classes, gardening, walking, and paddle boarding. Christine is genuine, hard working, empathetic, and strong.

Dawn Reed - Front Office - Young & Tanner General Dentistry in Marietta

Dawn R.
Front Office Coordinator

Dawn is a graduate of the University of Iowa with a degree in nursing. She’s been working in the dental fields for three decades and has been with Young and Tanner for over 20 years. Dawn says what makes her job so special is obviously the patients, some of which have been with the practice for decades. Dawn first began her career in oral surgery. She loved it so much she decided to make the switch to the dental field. Coming to the office each day is special for Dawn because she says it’s truly like you’re working with family, and because most of the employees have been here so long, they’ve shared a lot of life events together over the years. If she wasn’t working with Young and Tanner, Dawn says she’d be living back in Hawaii. Dawn was Dr. Ken Young’s assistant for years before working for the front desk. She loved seeing some of the patients she got to assist with. Dawn is married with a daughter and a son. In her spare time, Dawn enjoys watching Green Bay football, spending time with family and friends, and thrift shopping.

Joy Cagle - Dental Assistant - Young & Tanner General Dentistry in Marietta

Joy C.
Dental Assistant

Joy has been working in dentistry since 2002 and she’s been a part of the Young and Tanner family since 2010. She’s responsible for seating patients, preparing treatment rooms, and making sure patients feel comfortable. Joy says she was drawn to dentistry because she needed a versatile job that allowed her to work with people. She says being with the team at Young and Tanner is special because of how kind everyone is to our patients in listening to their needs and expectations. Joy is always fun, friendly, talkative, caring, and productive. With a total of six people, Joy lives with her rodeo family on a farm in Waleska. They are avid lover of all things outdoors including hiking, horseback riding, scuba diving, and whitewater rafting.

Kathryn Martin - Hygienist - Young & Tanner General Dentistry in Marietta

Kathryn M.
Registered Dental Hygienist

Kathyrn is a graduate of the Medical College of Georgia and has been immersed in the dental world since 2014 when started working at Young and Tanner. As a registered dental hygienist, Kathyrn gets the most rewards from getting to know her patients while also playing a huge role in their oral health. Kathryn says there’s not a day that goes by on the job where she doesn’t feel like she’s helped someone in some way. Kathryn loves being a part of our team because she it’s such a joy to work for an office like ours. She feels like the entire team excels at making people feel comfortable and appreciated. Kathyrn has been happily married to her high school sweetheart since 2014. She has two precious little boys who make their lives extra fun. In her free time, Kathryn enjoys being with her family and spending time outdoors. She and her family are big Georgia football fans too. (Go Dawgs!)

Kym Smith - Front Office - Young & Tanner General Dentistry in Marietta

Kym S.
Administrative Coordinator

Kym is a graduate of Kennesaw State and Lanier Tech. As part of her duties at Young and Tanner, Kym is responsible for insurance billing, accounts payable/receivable, and payroll. Kym says one of the best things about working for our office is that everyone is truly a team player, willing to step in and fill whenever they’re needed. She also says we have the best dentists who truly care about their patients. When you meet Kym, you’ll find that she’s caring, honest, reliable, empathetic, and compassionate. She grew up in a family that was in the healthcare field, so Kym has always been drawn to it. Dental hygiene is an important part of our everyday health, and she enjoys knowing that she’s part of a team who’s helping to keep patients healthy. In her free time, Kym is usually with her kids in Canton with their three dogs and a fish. She also travels to North Carolina regularly where her fiance currently lives.

Logan Nash - Dental Assistant - Young & Tanner General Dentistry in Marietta

Logan N.
Dental Assistant

Logan is a graduate of the Dental Assistant School of Atlanta. When asked what Logan likes best about being a dental assistant, she says she’s all about getting to know patients and helping the doctors, combining that with a great staff and she says Young and Tanner has an exceptional work ethic and environment. She admires how much the dentists truly care about their patients and staff. When you meet Logan, you’ll find that she’s always caring, dependable, easygoing, kind, and admirable. When she’s not taking care of teeth, Logan is usually spending time with family and friends, caring for her animals, traveling, and exploring new places.

Lori Warnett - Hygienist - Young & Tanner General Dentistry in Marietta

Lori W.
Registered Dental Hygienist

Lori is a graduate of Santa Fe Community College in Gainesville, FL and has been working as a dental hygienist for over two decades. She’s mainly responsible for cleaning, taking x-rays, conducting oral cancer exams, monitoring your gum health, providing oral hygiene instructions, and scheduling patient recall appointments. She says one of the most important lessons she carries with her from her training is to always remember that there’s an individual behind that mouth that needs dental treatment. This is why Lori loves getting to know people on a professional and a personal level. When you meet Lori, you’ll find she’s positive, caring, energetic, a self-starter, and a team player. She says working alongside her fellow team members and doctors is a unique experience because of how much everyone deeply cares for patients. Lori says it’s truly remarkable to see so much time, effort, and love that the office gives to every patient. Lori says she feels blessed to be a part of such a caring team. When she’s not in the office, Lori enjoys her time off with her husband and three children at the pool, sailing on Lake Allatoona, and volunteering at local food banks. Lori also loves gardening, running, hiking, and reading.

Maria Nemocon - Dental Assistant - Young & Tanner General Dentistry in Marietta

Maria N.
Dental Assistant

Bio Coming Soon!

Melinda Vinson - Hygienist - Young & Tanner General Dentistry in Marietta

Melinda V.
Registered Dental Hygienist

Melinda is a graduate of Macon College and has been an integral member of the Young and Tanner family since 1994. She loves what she does because it allows her to get to know so many wonderful people in our community. Melinda appreciates the opportunity to help them take care of their oral health. She likes working one on one with patients, teaching them all of the best ways to care for their teeth at home. What’s kept her around for so long? Melinda will tell you it’s because of all of the people she works with and their ability to function both independently and as a team. Melinda also appreciates the dentists at Young and Tanner for being so kind and considerate in the way they treat both patients and staff. Outside of taking care of teeth, Melinda is married and has two grown daughters — one who lives in Atlanta and the other lives in Los Angeles. She loves traveling, cooking, gardening, hiking, and photography.

Mimi Christman - Hygienist - Young & Tanner General Dentistry in Marietta

Mimi C.
Registered Dental Hygienist

Mimi is a graduate of the University of North Florida with a degree in psychology. She’s also a graduate of Florida Community College in Jacksonville where she received her dental hygiene degree. Mimi has been working in the field of dentistry since 2003 and she’s been a part of the Young and Tanner family since 2014. She is usually busy throughout the day providing exceptional dental care and educating patients about their oral health. She loves listening to her patients but also she loves watching them get healthier as their treatment progresses. If she wasn’t working as a dental hygienist, Mimi says she’d probably still be a flight attendant. She says working with the team at Young and Tanner is a unique experience because of how well everyone appreciates and takes care of one another — an example, she says, that was set by our amazing doctors. Mimi is loyal, chatty, happy, friendly, and determined. Outside of the office, Mimi is usually watching her son play baseball, volunteering at her kids’ school, hanging out with family and friends, and traveling.

Young & Tanner General Dentistry in Marietta

Linda L.
Registered Dental Hygienist

Linda is a graduate of the Medical College of Georgia with a bachelor of science in Dental Hygiene. She has postgraduate training at the Barney Fletcher School of Real Estate where she successfully obtained her real estate license. Linda has been a registered dental hygienist since 1981 and she’s been with Young and Tanner since September of 2001. Some of Linda’s most important responsibilities include: helping patients achieve good oral hygiene, reduce their gingival inflammation, and educate them on how to properly take care of their teeth/gums which leads to overall improved general health. She also takes x-rays, cleans teeth, applies fluoride, assists the dentist in treating the patient, sterilizes the operatory and maintains it, cleaning rooms and helps with instrument sterilization, and do anything else her awesome co-workers need. Linda says her career path was the perfect choice because she enjoys people and helping them. She says the office is unique because everyone genuinely cares about the patients and each other. The work at Young and Tanner is top notch, and she recommends the office with confidence. Linda truly loves being a dental hygienist and a realtor. You’ll find that Linda is a problem solver, caring, fun, and friendly. Linda stays busy outside of work with her six children and grandchildren. She practices real estate in and around various Atlanta communities, spends time with her growing family, riding horses and bikes, reading, and traveling.

Branda Herring - Front Office - Young & Tanner General Dentistry in Marietta

Brenda H.
Hygiene Coordinator

Brenda has been working in dentistry since 2014. At Young and Tanner she’s responsible for managing our hygienists schedules. What she really enjoys is catching up with patients and hearing stories about what’s new with their kids, jobs, and vacations. She says it’s these types of relationships that make her work so rewarding and fun. If Brenda didn’t choose a career in dentistry, she says she would be fine working as a stay at home mom. Brenda was born and raised in North Texas and now resides in Woodstock, GA with her husband and three children. Outside of work, Brenda enjoys watching her kids play football, basketball, cheerleading, and softball. She also likes trying out new restaurants and foods.

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