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Growing Genuine Relationships Through Dentistry

Serving East Cobb Smiles As a Family Since 1971

When Dr. Kenneth Young opened his dental office in the early 70s, he had no idea how truly remarkable his professional and personal stories would be. As more bell-bottomed patients lined up for care, there was a big transformation taking place at Dr. Young’s tiny East Cobb dental office. It was becoming its own legacy, known as a place where you felt comfortable sitting and talking for hours — and taking care of your smile. We value:

  • Your time with us and how you feel about your dental needs
  • Your treatment and deliver dentistry with honesty and integrity
  • Your expectations and offer comprehensive oral health options

Are you ready for positive, patient-centered East Cobb dental care from Young & Tanner General Dentistry? 

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Young & Tanner General Dentistry in Marietta

Time Spent with Family is Worth Every Second

“It has been a real blessing to have had the friendships and the gratitude of my patients….but having my daughter and son come in practice with me is the greatest honor of all.” That’s what Dr. Young said when his son, Dr. Jason Young, and daughter, Dr. Julie Tanner, joined him on the job working hard as a family to continue to treat all patients like family. Together, they blended uniquely personal, relationship-driven dental care with advanced dentistry, giving East Cobb patients an experience that’s lighthearted and enlightening.

All Kidding Aside, We’re Sincerely Fun

Don’t worry about feeling nervous or filled with anxiety with us. At Young & Tanner General Dentistry, we’ll show you how to fix or enhance your smile, but we’ll also show you that going to the dentist in East Cobb can actually be something fun you look forward to. Think of it as being excited about seeing your dear friends after a six-month break and all of the catching up you’ll need to do.

Young & Tanner General Dentistry in Marietta

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Young & Tanner General Dentistry in Marietta

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Young & Tanner General Dentistry in Marietta

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